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TheIDChannel.com was started in 2009 to assist consumers minimize the likelihood of identity theft. A successful identity defense on a global scale requires three key components absent in the industry:

  • A central, dependable, comprehensive and timely resource of industry news and information;
  • An informative educational medium; and
  • Community interaction and participation.
  • TheIDChannel.com was developed to provide these deliverables to market. Of course, these components only provide a framework for a defense, it is the “informed actions” that follow which provides the true and best defense. TheIDChannel.com allows our members to make these informed actions.


    Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes and 24,000 Fraudulent Driver’s Licenses


    By Denis G. Kelly, Certified Identity Expert A recent review by the Minnesota DVS discovered 24,000 fraudulent driver's licenses. Identity thieves ar…Read More

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